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Modern personnel consulting and executive search


Our dealings are founded on trust. That which we constantly seek and must earn, our strong suit, is your trust: in our efficiency and diligence, in our knowhow, our commitment and seasoned skills of many years.

For more 25 years, we have been producing the best results in the search for established Real Estate professionals and top notch executives from the sector.

Rooted as we are in both an innovative and sustainable market research and recruitment approach, we have constantly forged our own path. Consequently, we are now regarded as the first choice in Germany for Real Estate HR consultancy services.

Established professionals are in a comfortable position, precisely for their exceptional skills. True blue headhunting for us lies in, nevertheless, presenting patently better prospects to these major players, and of enthusing them about a career move they often may not have anticipated themselves.


Owing, not least, to our time-honoured, enduring market relationships, we have a distinct edge over the bulk of our competitors.

We have helped pool several thousand evaluated Real Estate experts of every hierarchical order and Real Estate segment.

The commissions most commonly received are from the field of: Funds & Investment, Portfolio & Asset Management, Purchase and Sale, Property Management &, Facility Management, Centre Management, Planning, Development & Construction, Leasing, Finance & Accounting, Valuation & Consulting, Tax & Legal, and more.

Performance is quantifiable, determined by verifiable performance indicators.

  • We make a lasting contribution to your own success. Our assistance turns Human Resources, hitherto an impediment to growth, into a lever for this personal success.
  • Our manning proposals, while doing so, are as unique as our customers. We subscribe to the law of convergence enabling us to provide custom-fit placement solutions: put together that which belongs together.
  • We are by now acquainted with almost every Real Estate professional in Germany. We speak to them with a familiarity that would seem as if we were practically seeing them go about their everyday tasks. This has helped us gain rare acceptance and great popularity.
  • If you are in Germany, you will know us. If you come to Germany, you will find us. Even a lot of overseas market players and investment firms with global operations set store by our expertise.




We do not stop at merely being content with filling an existing gap while staffing managerial positions. Our work is aimed at long term partnerships.

Qualification and experience of personnel are the driving factors of success for your organisation. It is only coherent management concept, requisite entrepreneurial outlook and right team play that will turn “recruitment” into a successful collaboration.

We take the time to get to know and understand your company, your unique circumstances and specific recruitment needs. This builds vital confidence and ensures lasting success on our part in supporting you.

Our core areas in the field of Direct Search:

Schwerpunkte in der Direktsuche
Schwerpunkte in der Direktsuche

For us, systematic approach and intuition complement each other. We place your vacancy in the job market ensuring both visibility and discretion and approach the right candidates and networks in many different ways.

Years of experience, evolved networks, unbeatable memory, patience and probing help us to execute complex assignments successfully.

You can rely on our transparency and protection of data privacy as well as effortless use of all virtual means of communication.

Our consultants constitute a well-coordinated team. We have already run an impartial, expert check on the applicant from every angle before you, as a client, get to know the applicant. We, therefore, strictly avoid a purely virtual and non-personal contact. Throughout the entire process of approaching candidates, we remain true to the “original school” of HR consulting, which believes that modernity is not a feat but a necessity.


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