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People constitute markets!

Establishing Contacts. Designing Networks. Advancing Your Career

Are you expressly looking for a new professional challenge or desirous of learning what the market has to offer in your field? Then let us know your intentions and get an overview of our current search mandates!

Building contacts. Shaping careers.

We work with you to promote your career. It is extremely beneficial to establish and broaden professional networks for that. Contacts with an established HR consulting company that you can trust, is thus imperative not just for job transition scenarios. We take a long term approach with regard to contacts: it is highly enriching for us to be allowed to follow and foster the professional and personal journeys in the long term of people with whom we are connected.


We would thus be delighted to have you get in touch with us and to mutually plan your next career-move in the role of an expert and executive. Discussions often yield the most unexpected and unforeseen approaches.

We find that for a fruitful and constructive cooperation, it is essential to interact intrepidly with you while at the same time also exercising complete discretion.

  • We will gladly provide you information on the current search mandates and set you up for discussions with promising employers from the Real Estate sector.
  • We will stand by you through the application process, from signing of the contract and beyond, and will of course be in touch with you even after you have successfully completed the application process.
  • von Arnim HR consulting company is and shall remain your discrete, binding and professional career partner.

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Astrid Kade
Astrid Kade
HR Consulting, Head of Research